Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How to remove a locked up axle nut?

I have a 2000 honda civic SI. I am attempting to change the clutch. I have done it in the past but this time I can't remove the axle bolt. I have tried a 3/4 power air wrench and have broken 3 craftsman straight wrenches and it will not budge. I have also used almost an entire can of liquid wrench. Any suggestions?How to remove a locked up axle nut?
Have you tried tightening the nut first? Give it a quick rap with the airgun to tighten then try loosening. Is the nut peened over by chance?How to remove a locked up axle nut?
not to sound like a d**k, but you are turning the nut the right way aren't you? if so, get a 1/2%26quot; breaker bar and an impact socket (the black finish, not chrome) and a torch. heat that sucker red hot and go to town. Good luck.How to remove a locked up axle nut?
Impact socket, a long breaker bar and an even longer piece of rugged pipe.

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